FROG IN A TENT is a multimedia production studio. We have a passion for visual storytelling and work with photos, video, audio and text. Frog in a Tent is a collaboration between videographer and writer Elles van Gelder and photographer Ilvy Njokiktjien. Individually and together we produce, shoot and edit compelling stories for media and ngo’s. We focus on human interest stories and character driven narratives. The name for the studio was born in 2012 when Ilvy and Elles were in the field together in South Africa for their short webdoc Afrikaner Blood. For this story they had to camp in a forest. In the middle of the night Ilvy woke Elles up because there was something on her head: a frog… They decided to honour the frog, an animal that has been a symbol of good luck dating back to the Roman age.

Afrikaner Blood, about a camp where white teenagers are brainwashed by an extreme right organization, won first place at the World Press Photo Multimedia contest. They have published in many international publications like The New York Times, Time Magazine online, Telegraph Magazine (UK), l’Espresso (Italy) and Neon (Germany). Together they have travelled on stories to Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique and did many trips in South Africa.